Welcome, Goddesses!

Whether you have us bookmarked as one of your favorite websites or stumbled upon us while surfing the net, Welcome! We are a network of and for women who already consider themselves on the path of the Goddess/Divine Feminine. Our goal is to create and share JOY! The Goddess Initiative is a vehicle that connects women of all walks who desire to live as fully-expressed celebratory beings. We honor our vitality, resilience, and innate creativity. We champion each other and consciously extend friendship, sisterhood, strength & good cheer! We recognize and honor our limitless nature, & empower each other to live as Divine Beings. This is a platform for women to explore their depths, express their truths, connect with kindred spirits, celebrate being alive!

"I have met brave women who are exploring the outer edge of human possibility,
with no history to guide them, and with a courage to make themselves vulnerable,
that I find moving beyond words."

- Gloria Steinem


The Goddess Initiative Mission

The Goddess Initiative: A party series for women to witness a HIGHER POWER on the dance floor!~Having so much fun as beautiful, glorious, and DIVINE it goes beyond time and space!~Be EMBRACED by the warmth of sisterhood, CHAMPIONED by the strength of our Spirit~Let the BONDING forever alter how you relate to yourselves & each other~Redefine family with the WORLD, for an ELEVATED CONSCIOUSNESS and for the GREATER GROOVE!
The Goddess Initiative is, above all else, an invitation to and celebration of the Divine Feminine energy that is our direct connection to our Source! It is a celebration designed to serve the greater good by creating a lasting impact in the lives of all Goddesses involved. The Goddess Initiative provides a forum and an opportunity for all of us to be celebrated, cherished, and connected!
The Goddess Initiative is committed to being in the service of the heart and our spiritual awakening, and to provide an experience so memorable it will forever alter how you relate to yourself and others. We are committed to celebrating all that is Universal among us and championing all causes and organizations sharing in this vision. We are committed to serving as a bridge, connecting all of us who share this journey toward oneness, Universal Love, and spiritual ascension.

Goddess Ideology

  • Connect with authentic self, free from image, judgments, history
    Remember our original contextual natures: vessels for divinity to speak into
  • Sacred space to explore femininity, beauty, intuition, ancient wisdom & divinity
  • Opportunities for meditations & celebrations, creative expression
  • Way of the Woman: Nurturing overseer of life, birthing, cycles, creation, spirit
  • Guardians honoring earth � Universal theme:  maintain balance & harmony, needs of the whole, to nurture the shared undercurrent of humankind
  • Collaboration, sharing, community & communion where all are welcome
Declaration: To recognize the divinity within ourselves and all we witness
To consider all life part of God
To walk in praise, love, & gratitude
Manifest an abundant and joyful world
Purpose of a Goddess: To have man know himself as a Divine creation

Soil & Seed metaphor: woman is receptive to her own divinity, intuiting the wisdom from within to support and nurture man and all life.

Say Yes to the Goddess Say Yes to Life
What women need to understand is that the difference between an apple tree with poisoned apples because the ground is depleted and an apple tree with beautiful apples because the soil is rich, is their choice, their reward. Instead of being the apple, be responsible for how the apple turns out.

Jess, Haute Goddess

Video invite to 2010 Goddess Initiative Spring Celebration from Jessica Hollen on Vimeo.


explore depths ~ express truths
connect spirits ~ celebrate life


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