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To satisfy a yen for symbolic metaphysical ethereal meanderings, contact Jess ... Prints may also be available.

OM Accessories ~ Scenic Artistry for Your Sacred Space

Private Commissions

Our pieces bring the sacred home, they contribute iconic beauty and big drama... no two pieces are exactly alike. Inspiration and design comes from many sources, such as graphic design, nature, fine jewelry and fabrics, lingerie, ethnic styles, architectural etchings, vintage poster styles and carousels, classical scenic painting techniques, art therapy, transpersonal psychology, and philosophy!

Our one of a kind pieces will suit many purposes... to create a focus for your meditation space, to enhance the ambience of your dinner party, to excite the imagination, or to indulge your whimsical side in a decorative way. Each piece tells a story that takes you meandering among the Venetian piazzas, Tibetan retreats, Islamic markets... or gazing in wonder at the splendor of the stage in its amber glow... or pulsing in and amongst the order and chaos of imaginative motifs.

Although the product line is still in its infancy, future designs will include hanging mandalas and tapestries, altar cloths, ceiling medallions, table cloths and runners. Merchandise may be ordered online by contacting Haute Finishes directly, Contact Jess.

Private commission commemorating a new home, 4'x6'
Dylan, stylized photo reproduction, 3'sq.
Gershwin, reproduction of a cd cover, 4'sq.
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Nude Lingerie
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Third Eye
Warp 9
Kasbah Sunrise
Turkish Blue
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  • Short Table Runners      15"wide x 80"long(approx)      $65-80
  • Long Table Runners       15"wide x 90"long(approx)      $75-90

  • Square Table Cloths/Floor Cloths (coming soon)
  • Rectangle Table Cloths/Floor Cloths (coming soon)
  • Ceiling Medallions (coming soon)
  • Mandalas (coming soon)
  • Altar Cloths (coming soon)
  • Hanging Tapestries (coming soon)
  • Drapery Accents (coming soon)

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About Jess...

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"To live a creative life, we must
lose our fear of being wrong."

       -  Joseph Chilton Pearce
Jessica received her initial training to be a scenic artist at the small conservatorium, Cobalt Studios for Scenic Art, in Monticello, New York. The program curriculum, centered on the execution of backdrops alone, was created to provide painters a working knowledge of classical painting and architecture, modern scenic painting techniques in use in professional theatre, and a specialization in both Trompe L'oeil and realistic faux bois and marbling. The studio focus was on the professional outside projects designed to develop the particular disciplines. Memorable projects include backdrops for Harvard's Hasty Pudding Festival and the Miami City Ballet.
Professionally, Jessica has painted scenery for regional theatres and scenery fabrication shops around the country, theme park scenery in Orlando, feature films, TV, and commercials in Florida, New York, and New England. Hi-lights include Disney/MGM Studios... Nickelodeon Studios... Speed 2 (1996)... HBO mini-series, From the Earth to the Moon... Sex & The City (HBO)... Riding In Cars With Boys (2000)... The New York Metropolitan Opera... After a decade-long career in the entertainment industry, Jessica then directed professional and creative efforts towards traveling as an artist for the Cheesecake Factory Restaurants and starting Haute Finishes, a specialized faux finishing and mural design & painting business.

Now the creative direction of Haute Finishes Incorporated is expanding to include the one of a kind, hand painted home accessory line called OM Accessories. Also operating under the auspices of is the Goddess Initiative, a private party series for women interested in participating as part of a like-minded community honoring the Divine Feminine and spiritual ascension. In development for future projects is a new division called Firebird Video Production which will specialize in custom video presentations for both private parties and corporate organizations. Long-term plans for Haute Finishes include "transpersonal" art classes.


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