Customized Faux Finishes

Whether it is your goal to transform the powder room in your model home, add life to the public areas in your apartment building, or to endow your home with heightened drama, the possibilities are endless. All faux finishes are tailored to your preferences, taste, and style. The design process is a collaboration between artist and client, and project-specific samples are created to ensure complete satisfaction.
ruby ragging with vignette
textured roller application and shear metallic finish
powder room in model home
stylized mother of pearl
Barr Terrace elevator/foyer entry, 10 floors
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Specialty Treatments

The sophistication, versatility, and originality of our portfolio puts the "Haute" in Haute Finishes. Artisan expertise, developed from years in the theme park, theatre, TV and feature film industries, helps you to create a unique and personal expression within your space. Make a visit to your home or boutique an aesthetic experience with such techniques as our 3D Textured Finishes... Venetian Plaster... Marbelizing... Faux Bois... Gilding... Antiquing & Distressing... Faux Leather... Crackled Finishes.
dimensional stencilled design with vignette
faux leather metallic harlequin design
crackled faux leather
venetian plaster
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Trompe L'oeil, Murals, Backdrops, & Floorcloths

Trompe L'oeil, a French phrase that translates as "to fool the eye," is the basis and foundation of the Haute Finishes skills set, and is traditionally referred to as a technique applied when painting murals, backdrops, and floorcloths. "Drops" can serve a multitude of purposes for you, your company and organizatin. Whether you are attempting to revitalize your company's reception area, generate interest in your organization, create an imaginary "aisle" for your wedding, enhance your group's stage presence, or style a photo shoot, Haute Finishes can design a drop for you to hang like a display or be installed permamently.
Harvard's Hasty Pudding Festival show curtain, Cambridge
wedding floorcloth "aisle"
Backdrop for Zen Village project named "Heart for Humanity"
"Elemental" banners for Fushu Daiko, performing @ Broward Center of Performing Arts
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Scenery for Theatre, Tv, Film, Commercials, Videos, Print Ads

Let the Haute Finishes studio be the place to have your drop painted, scenery fabricated, or parade/party props restored. We can also lend an extensively trained artistic hand to your theatrical production, photo shoot, corporate exhibition, or event location on a freelance artist basis.
Burger King commercial, on a sound stage in NYC
Conseco Insurance print ad, scenery painted on-site in photography studio
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Showroom Vignettes & Themed Restaurants

Successful vendors create a space that invites and excites, and Haute Finishes is prepared to partner with you in your endeavor. We can collaborate with you on a design for your space, create a display to compliment or mimic your packaging, or team up with your designer to execute their concepts.
Cheesecake Factory flagship store (Omaha) red "fantasy" marble columns
DaVinci Crystal stemware, Oneida showroom, NYC
Namaste Home Accessories, Philadelphia
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Private Commissions

Haute Finishes can create a unique, beautifully executed piece for you to fit any interest or purpose. If you would like a dining room mural that incorporates an artist's elements from your latest gallery-hopping venture, bathroom cabinetry that mimics your antique vanity, an enlargement of your favorite cd cover, or even a spcial painting to represent a personal event in your life... it can be done thoughtfully with attention to the details that make a difference for you.
cabinetry to mimic Chinese antique vanity, permanent installation
dining room mural in process at HF studio-private commission incorporating "found" elements, permanent installation
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About Jess...

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• Firebird Video on Vimeo

"To live a creative life, we must
lose our fear of being wrong."

       -  Joseph Chilton Pearce
Jessica received her initial training to be a scenic artist at the small conservatorium, Cobalt Studios for Scenic Art, in Monticello, New York. The program curriculum, centered on the execution of backdrops alone, was created to provide painters a working knowledge of classical painting and architecture, modern scenic painting techniques in use in professional theatre, and a specialization in both Trompe L'oeil and realistic faux bois and marbling. The studio focus was on the professional outside projects designed to develop the particular disciplines. Memorable projects include backdrops for Harvard's Hasty Pudding Festival and the Miami City Ballet.
Professionally, Jessica has painted scenery for regional theatres and scenery fabrication shops around the country, theme park scenery in Orlando, feature films, TV, and commercials in Florida, New York, and New England. Hi-lights include Disney/MGM Studios... Nickelodeon Studios... Speed 2 (1996)... HBO mini-series, From the Earth to the Moon... Sex & The City (HBO)... Riding In Cars With Boys (2000)... The New York Metropolitan Opera... After a decade-long career in the entertainment industry, Jessica then directed professional and creative efforts towards traveling as an artist for the Cheesecake Factory Restaurants and starting Haute Finishes, a specialized faux finishing and mural design & painting business.

Now the creative direction of Haute Finishes Incorporated is expanding to include the one of a kind, hand painted home accessory line called OM Accessories. Also operating under the auspices of is the Goddess Initiative, a private party series for women interested in participating as part of a like-minded community honoring the Divine Feminine and spiritual ascension. In development for future projects is a new division called Firebird Video Production which will specialize in custom video presentations for both private parties and corporate organizations. Long-term plans for Haute Finishes include "transpersonal" art classes.


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